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Morakniv / Mora nominated for the Swedish Design Awards 2020

Mora Morakniv awarded for the Swedish Design Award 2020 with the Morakniv Mora Classic.


The Interview: Joe from MesserHQ

An interview with Joe from youtuber MesserHQ by Facts & Rumours from Knives from Europe about Joe's passion: knives, knives..


Revealing the complete collection

Knifecollector031 revealing his massive knifecollection of many hundreds of knives in several episodes.


The Interview: PS Knives

PS Knives or Peter Spaltman, is an enthusiastic Dutch knife maker. Most of the time you can find him in..


The Interview: Kombou

Interview by Knives from Europe with Kombou (Grzegorz Grabarski) knife designer and Instagram photographer.


The Interview: Spanish bladesmith Miguel Barbudo

In this interview with Miguel Barbudo, Spanish bladesmith, he tells about his work. He became famous collaborating with WE Knife..


The Interview: Floris Postmes, a rising star

Floris Postmes, a rising star, blacksmith and Youtube personality tells all about his passion for knives and how he started..


The Interview: Ostap Hel and his sketchbook

Interview with Ostap Hel for Facts & RUmours of Knives from Europe. Ostap without a sketchbook is unthinkable.


Facts & Rumours from the Knife Industry Episode 2

In this episode of Facts & Rumours on Knives from Europe, interviews with several European designers and knifemakers.

By - In Industry , News

Mora looking for a new CEO

Morakniv Mora looking for a new CEO since previous CEO Henk Noback left the company.

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