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Martin Annegarn collaborates with Tuya Knife on the StreetLegal


Martin Annegarn has revealed a collaboration with Tuya Knife on one of his most popular designs, the MAS knife or Martin Annegarn StreetLegal.

The StreetLegal is legal to carry in more than 150 countries. Hence the name StreetLegal. This is a very relevant fact because of increasing restrictions in a lot of countries around the world. The design, form factor and blade lenght, allows the MAS to be very useful in every day situation, whilst staying below all legal limits and also projecting a no threatening look.

Martin Annegarn custom MAS knives

Tuya Knife, an Chinese manufacturer, is going to include the StreetLegal in their line-up. It will be produced with a M390 blade, titanium liners and Desert Ironwood scales. So premium materials for a knife with a Gentleman’s appearance.

The StreetLegal will not have a pocketclip. Instead, Tuya wants to emphasize the gentleman’s appearance and will include a leather sheath with pocket clip. Details are not available yet, but as soon as we got pictures of the sheath, we will publish these here.

Tuya Knife StreetLegal 1st prototype
Tuya Knife 2nd prototype

You can see, from comparing the original custom MAS knives to the two stages of prototyping of the StreetLegal, how the design and production develops. The 1st prototype is already very close, but the 2nd prototype is almost identical to the customs.

We expect that the Tuya StreetLegal will be available somewhere during the summer of 2020. Keep an eye on this website to be informed. The moment there is news regarding production or when it is ready to ship, we will announce it here.

If you want more information, please you can watch the video with the complete, full length interview with Martin. In the video he shows the first prototype and compares it with the custom MAS knife. After the recording of the video, we got an update from Tuya Knife with a few pictures of the second prototype. These are included in the final edit of the interview.

This interview is also part of the first episode of Facts & Rumours. You can find that episode here.

For more information you can check the websites of Tuya Knife, Writing Turning Flipping (Tuya Knife Europe) and Martin Annegarn. And, you can view more articles on Martin Annegarn on the website here.

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