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Miguel Barbudo – Blocao


Miguel Barbudo forges knives in the tradition of the Spanish Navaja. Until two years ago, Miguel was fulltime blacksmith also forging knives. But then he was struck by bad luck. A huge fire destroyed his workshop. He lost almost all of his tools. At that point Miguel decided to start making knives full time.

Blocao by Miguel Barbudo
Blocao by Miguel Barbudo

One of his designs is the Blocao. A richly decorated, sturdy tactical folder featuring the Spanish windows lock. It’s definitely a tactical, fighting knife, inspired by the Navaja. This one is made with damasteel, timascus, titanium & copper carbon fiber.

WE Knife collaborated with Miguel on the Blocao. So last year, They introduced the model 920 Blocao.

WE Knife 920 Blocao
WE Knife 920 Blocao

The WE Knife Blocao is quite similar than the custom version. Of course the handmade custom Blocao has the soul of the maker. The production version, though maybe pretty perfectly produced, doesn’t have this handmade look. For a lot of people, this doesn’t matter, of course. For me, this is the attraction of handmade knives.

A recent article on this website, covers European designers collaborating with WE Knife. This might be interesting for you as well.

A special covers in particular the collaboration of Alessandra de Santis.

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