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Chocolate Swiss Army knife


Felchlin and Victorinox are joining forces: The popular Swiss pocket knife made of milk chocolate is now being produced directly by the Felchlin company. The two companies, both from the Swiss canton of Schwyz, are looking forward to working together and are already making plans to expand the range of the popular chocolate pocket knife.

Switzerland is known for good chocolate and the iconic Swiss Army Knife. It was therefore only natural to produce the world-famous red knife from the finest Swiss milk chocolate. The product is particularly popular with tourists, but Swiss consumers also appreciate it as a special gift. Until now, Gysi AG Chocolatier Suisse from Bern has been responsible for the production and sale of the melt-in-the-mouth chocolate knife with hazelnut gianduja filling.

Chocolate partners with a lot in common

After the closing down of Gysi AG at the end of June 2020, Victorinox has found a strong new partner in Felchlin for securing the future production of the Swiss Army Knife made of chocolate. Not only are Victorinox and the Felchlin company from the Schwyz region, but both companies are also committed to sustainability and job security. The cocoa used for the chocolate knives, for example, comes directly from selected cocoa farmers, which means that the Felchlin company always has control over the origin and the farming conditions.

“We are very happy about this exciting collaboration and also the fact that we can support a local company with Felchlin,” explains Carl Elsener, CEO of Victorinox. The CEO of Felchlin AG, Christian Aschwanden, is also enthusiastic: “We didn’t have to think long when Victorinox approached us with this request.”

Felchlin AG is able to take over the special machines from Gysi for production and packaging. As the chocolate knife couverture has been made by Felchlin until now, the experience of tasting 28 grams of the finest milk chocolate with a delicate hazelnut gianduja filling should remain as heavenly as ever. A future range extension with new creations, fillings and packaging is also eagerly awaited. In addition, it is planned to expand the sales of the chocolate pocket knife to other export channels.

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