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Revealing the complete collection


In this article I will reveal my entire knife collection. I will do this in episodes. Each episode is a Youtube video. Some will be live streams! I will try to post a new episode each week on Tuesday and release it at 8pm (CET) sharp.

The sixth episode

Livestreaming is very exciting. Interacting with viewers, the interacting of viewers with eachother, things that can go wrong, questions and answers all during recording and publishing at the same time makes it very exciting. This adds defenitely value. I think, watching later, might be less interesting because it might look chaotic. But I will do as much as livestreaming as possible.

The fifth episode

The second time I am doing a livestream. 20 more knives revealed. Fixed, folders, affordable, expensive, production and handmade. So again, quite a variety of randomly picked knives from my collection

The fourth episode

This will be a special episode. For the first time I will do a live stream. Things can go wrong. I can interact live with viewers. So pretty exciting. Join me. It will be fun.

Live Stream scheduled juli 7 2020 8pm Amsterdam time

The third episode

The second episode

The first episode

Available from 8pm June 16 2020

The link to my Youtube channel. Other postings of me.

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