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Knives from Europe is part of a platform where content, demand, supply, industry, community and social media come together. It is all about knives/knifesupplies designed or produced/made or sold regardless the origin as long there is a link with Europe. For example made, designed, sold, collected or reviewed by a European citizen, maker, designer or company. Production, handmade, kitchen, fixed, folding, utility and so on. Video, articles, reviews and what not.

As of mid May 2020 we went live, announcing Knives from Europe on Social Media.

We are here to support our European knifemakers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, stores, distributors and related crafstmen or women. We have a legacy (or long knifemaking history and a variety of knifemaking regions in Europe) that deserves our support.

Independent contentcreators get our support. You can register for free and use our platform to publish your content. Free, without any limits and uncensored as long as withing the boundries of law. More info you can find here.

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Please contact our team if you want to contribute as writer, video vlogger, company with press releases, to get your knives reviewed, and so on. Manufacturers, retailers, stores, webshops, knifemakers, collectors, writers, vloggers, all are welcome to contribute. As content contributor it is possible to get an account on this website providing you several ways to publish your content. You pick the method that suits you the best. And, of course, we will help you getting started!

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